Large Bee Bar

The original Vanilla Scented Bee Bar smells like vanilla cookies and the Natural Unscented Bee Bar smells like, well, it's unscented and doesn't have a particular smell.  Lavender Scented Bee Bars have the sweet smell of a warm summer breeze.  The original Scented Bee Bar contains Vanilla fragrance and the new Lavender Bee Bar contains Essential Lavender oil.

Lavender, Vanilla and Natural (unscented) Bee Bars weigh approximately 2 ounces each.

Bee Bar large scented Large Lavender scented Bee Bar Large Natural Unscented Bee Bar

Vanilla Scented Bee Bar

Lavender Scented Bee Bar

Natural Unscented Bee Bar

Large Bee Bars are $11.99 ea. -  includes Shipping and Handling to US residents.

International Customers:
We have suspended all International Shipping!

Bee Bar is a unique blend of natural oils and emollients for hands and body. Bee Bar will immediately soothe and soften your skin without a greasy residue, and it won't wear off due to weather or washings! A truly indispensable gift! Use it generously where ever you have dry skin.

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